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Inesfly Corporation

Inesfly Corporation
By Pilar Mateo


  • Affecting public health: malaria, Chagas, dengue, leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis, scorpionism, allergies, encephalitis, west nile virus, yellow fever.
  • Affecting animals: animal trypanosomiasis, blue tong, leishmaniasis, theleriosis, schmallenberg virus, anaemia (horn fly of cattle).
  • Affecting crops and ornamentals: palms borers (red palm weevil), viruses in citrus and horticulture.

Specific properties:

  • Effectiveness.
  • Long persistence.
  • Safe to people and animals.
  • Scientific studies published.
  • Safety at application.
  • Without leaching problems.
  • Own application methodology.

Inesfly products to control the tiger mosquito


Product lines to control adults (paints, coatings)

and body repellents for personal protection. 

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