Inesfly Technology

Inesfly is a technology that allows to produce water-based biopolymer coatings with a polymeric microcapsule suspension of insecticides, acaricides and insect growth regulators, which has a slow and gradual release mechanism with a long residual action. It is harmless to humans.


The formation of the Inesfly Polymeric Microcapsule (MIP) is a chemical process which produces microcapsules in suspension with a size between one and several hundred micrometers, that include biocides in low dosage and regulators of the analogous of the juvenile growth hormone and inhibitors of the synthesis of chitin. The gradual and controlled release of the active ingredients is due to the nature of the polymer and the fillers.


Stabilization process after application: Solvent (water) evaporation and active ingredients migrate towards the surface, where are released to  the environment in a controlled and gradual way, enabling  to increase persistence and to reduce toxicity.


All Inesfly formulates have an insecticide polymeric microcapsule, which is the key element that gives them their special characteristics. Inesfly microcapsule creation is a chemical process which produces microcapsules in suspension, where conventional biocides at very low doses and insect growth regulators are included. Gradual and controlled release of the microencapsulated active ingredients is a direct result of the polymeric covering. 


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